Dean of Education’s Colloquium Series: Education and Innovation

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


"What’s a Teacher to Do? Teaching, Learning and Social Interaction in classrooms that promote engagements in Mathematics," featuring James A. Middleton, Ph.D., Arizona State University
Student engagement (or lack thereof) in mathematics is one of the most perplexing problems of public education in the United States.

Research shows that initially, children like mathematics as much or more than other subjects like science or art. But through the middle grades and high school, students’ sense of enjoyment, self-efficacy, and beliefs about the personal relevance of mathematics shows continual decline. But there is hope. A growing body of research reveals a number of factors that encourage productive engagement including characteristics of teachers’ academic and social support, how mistakes are handled, how personal effort and self-efficacy support each other, and how interest is developed and cultivated in tasks and over the long haul. Findings from research on the development of mathematics will be presented, along with examples of classroom episodes that illustrate these findings. Emphasis will be placed on practical strategies educators can put in place to increase the number of students who engage in mathematics, and the quality of their engagement.

A buffet and drinks reception will follow the event in Conn Hall Seminar Room.

All are welcome and registration is required.




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