Commemorating the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Join us for a university celebration honoring Dr. King with Mrs. Carroll E. Brown. Mrs. Brown is a ​courageous leader ​and fierce and powerful community organizer that helped crack the glass ceiling. She will share her life's story​, inspired by Dr. King and many others, and provide a road map for all those who ​intend to ​live a meaningful life of service. Also, there will be featured performances from SCSU students.


The 64 Days of Nonviolence officially begins each year on January 30, the day Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, and ends on April 4, the day we commemorate Dr. King. In our sixteenth annual observation of the 64 Days at Southern Connecticut State University, we continue to celebrate the peace and justice heritage in many of our cultures and heritages, including our observation of Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Asian/Pacific Heritage Month.




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