'Remembering the Holocaust: Reflections on a Holocaust Memorial Exhibition'

Friday, April 13, 2018

Buley Library

Reflections by exhibit curators Miriam Glenn and David Pettigrew, with readings by SCSU students Melissa Lewis and Alexis Simons.

The Holocaust exhibition showcases books, videos, mementos, and photographs from private collections. This year the Holocaust exhibition also includes a special display about two Connecticut residents, Varian Fry and
Hiram Bingham IV, who risked their lives to rescue Jewish refugees in Marseille, France, 1940-41. Some of the resources on display are also available from the Hilton C. Buley Library.
In Memory of:

  • Hiram Bingham IV
  • Nina and Moniek Eckhaus
  • Varian Fry
    Righteous Among the Nations
  • Marion Pritchard
    Righteous Among the Nations

Our thanks to:

The Judaic Studies Program
The Philosophy Department
Rosalyn Amenta
Zvi Goldman
Deborah Weiss
Melissa Lewis
Alexis Simons
Josephine A. Rossomando,  Art Department
Cort Sierpinski,  Art Department
Jamie Aschenbach, Head, Access Services Division
Special thanks as well to:
The New Republic
The New York Times
Smithsonian Magazine


Buley Library
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David Pettigrew