Conversations About Composition

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Engleman Hall

Please join professors Shelley Stoehr-McCarthy and Suzanne LaCroix for the debut of "Conversations about Composition," a series of lunchtime presentations about teaching academic reading and academic writing at SCSU. Feel free to bring your lunch along-the department will provide home-baked cookies for all attendees!

Online Annotation Using Perusall
Perusall is a robust, free platform that allows students to annotate e-texts and uploaded documents online, and to engage and interact with each other while reading homework assignments via questions, comments, and even group chats. Analytics allow the instructor to track student reading habits such as viewing time vs. active reading time per page, and encourages students to come prepared to class, making in-class discussion more productive. Using Perusall increases classroom community, creating a peer-to-peer culture of learning. I have been successfully using Perusall in my 112 classes this semester, and am eager to demonstrate some of its features!

Shelley Stoehr-McCarthy is an adjunct composition class instructor at SCSU, as well as a current MFA (fiction) student.

Thinking is Believing: Using Neuroscience to Improve Student Success
Neuroscientists tell us that a person will only perform in congruence with his or her self-concept, or collection of beliefs about the self. This explains why even the most promising student can disengage and self-sabotage. Fortunately, with the right tools, self-concept can be improved. In this presentation, I will show how simple techniques and exercises can help students reframe patterns of thought to improve their level of engagement and performance over a single semester, as well as how these game-changing skills can be applied to achieve personal and professional goals.

Suzanne LaCroix teaches Composition and Creative Writing at SCSU, where she earned her MFA in fiction. She also teaches at Gateway Community College.

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