'Hyming the Lamb: Blake and British Revival Hymnody'

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Buley Library

First Thursday Spring 2017 Series
Dr. George A. Rosso, English
"Hyming the Lamb: Blake and British Revival Hymnody"

This study examines the impact of 18th-century British hymnody on Blake's poetic myth and theology, especially its relation to the figure of the Lamb of God, a central symbol in his longer works. Beginning with the ground-breaking collection by Isaac Watts, Hymns and Sacred Songs (1707), and moving through select Moravian and Methodist hymn-books, especially by Charles Wesley, Rosso explores correlations between their christology and their ubiquitous use of the slain Lamb of God, and Blake's unique appropriation and interpretation of this figure in his poetry and art.

Buley Library Art Gallery, first floor


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