Lecture: 'Reading as Interpretation: John Donne's Use of the Targum--the Aramaic Translation of the Hebrew Bible'

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Engleman Hall - Room B121

Public Lecture

Prof. Chanita Goodblatt
Dept. of Foreign Literatures & Linguistics
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
"Reading as Interpretation:  John Donne's Use of the Targum -- the Aramaic Translation of the Hebrew Bible"
This talk raises questions about Donne's use of the Targum as an exegetical source. It focuses on a variety of issues: philological and intertextual; thematic and cognitive. It looks at the obscurities in the Hebrew Bible that generate questions.

Prof. Goodblatt is the author of The Christian Hebraism of John Donne: Written with the Fingers of Man's Hand (Duquesne University Press, 2010), as well as articles on the use of Hebraic-Jewish sources in Early Modern English literature to read and interpret the Hebrew Bible.  She is presently working on a feminist biography of Evelyn Simpson, the 20th-century editor of Donne's prose works.
This lecture is sponsored jointly by the SCSU Judaic Studies Program and the English Department.

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Prof. David A. Levine
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Engleman Hall - Room B121
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