'Southern Duel' Game Show

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Adanti Student Center - Ballroom

southern duel game show"Southern Duel" is a game show hosted by SCSU TV and ProCon. There will be three games throughout the night. Game 1 will be Fraternities vs. Sororities, Game 2 is University Officials against Student Leaders, and in Game 3, we will randomly choose students from the audience to play against each other! Prizes, including a TV and GoPro, will be raffled off to the audience between each game!! The event will be broadcast live online at www.livestream.com/SCSU <http://www.livestream.com/SCSU>. 

Our University Officials team consists of: Dr. Tracy Tyree, Sal Rizza, Frank LaDore, Diane Albert-Brown, and Rob DeMezzo.



Adanti Student Center - Ballroom
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