Holocaust Remembrance Program

Monday, April 15, 2019

Engleman Hall - Room B121

The 2019 Day of Remembrance program features special guest speaker Izzy Juda.
Izzy Juda witnessed the rise of the Third Reich and the horrors of World War II, and lives to tell us about it. Born in Austria in 1921, he was only 16 when Hitler invaded his homeland and began to purge its Jewish population. Destined for a concentration camp, he escaped his captors by jumping off a train. He then traveled on foot over the Alps to Switzerland, and eventually found his way to the United States.

He later spent three years fighting for his new country as a combat army infantryman in the Pacific. He was wounded and decorated with a Bronze Star for bravery.
Sponsored by the SCSU Judaic Studies Program


Engleman Hall - Room B121
501 Crescent St.
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